Enema Coffee

Coffee enemas have been used for over a century. They have been proven to be a natural way to detoxify the body and improve overall health. During that time it has been discovered that one of the most important part of a natural coffee enema is the therapeutic coffee. Many "off the shelf" coffees contain other chemicals that are not suited for enemas.  But even high quality organic coffee is not ideal for coffee enemas.

When Korum Renewal set out to develop the premier enema coffee we realized it would have to be a collaborative development, bringing the collective knowledge and experience of producers, roaster, and end users together. We determined that there were several key components to creating the ideal enema coffee. By naturally adjusting each component we could product the most effective enema coffee yet.

To meet the needs of the users we finally decided two different types of enema coffees would have to be developed. The first, Korum Renewal’s Detox Organic Enema Coffee, is a strong blend ideal for those undergoing a routine detox and cleanse. The second, Korum Renewal's Healing Organic Enema Coffee, is a very powerful blend designed for those seeking to aggressively detoxify the body. This is ideal for those following the Gerson Therapy for treating cancer. 

When it comes time to select between the Detox and Healing enemas coffees, we recommend the following. If you have never had a coffee enema or haven’t had one recently, we encourage you to start with the Detox Organic Enema Coffee initially some people find our Healing Organic Enema Coffee too strong to retain for the recommended time.

When you first open a bag of our enema coffee you will notice it is very different from “regular” coffee. It does not have the deep rich aroma of regular coffee. In fact it smells well…bad. This comes from how lightly it is roasted. All coffee at this stage of roasting have a similar smell. Second you will notice more of a color variation in the grinds, again this is due in part to the light roasting. These are a few of the noticeable differences in our enema coffees. But the biggest difference you will notice is the effectiveness of the coffee.

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