Can a Coffee Enema Help You Detoxify?

In the last several decades, our food supply, drinking water, air, and soil have become increasingly contaminated with toxic chemicals. This exposure has not just come from large factories bellowing smoke or hazardous waste being dumped. We go shopping and unwittingly buy toxin laden products for personal care, pet care, cleaning, pesticides, and fertilizer then bring them into our own homes.

Never before has the human body been presented with such a heavy burden of foreign substances to metabolize and eliminate.

Our bodies are naturally equipped to remove toxins through the actions of the digestive system, the kidneys, and the liver. These organ constantly work to keep every cell in the body healthy and functioning properly.

Unfortunately the increased load has become more than our bodies can effectively handle. This results in significant toxins deposit both within and around the cells, causing a wide variety of health problems.

Stop living under the toxic burden. Learn about the dangers, become a part of a on-line community of people pursuing a better life through better health. Discover how a coffee enema can help your body detoxify faster. 

Coffee Enema Coffee


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Coffee Enema Techniques

Enema equipment needed is a colon tube and an enema bag or bucket. Some people prefer to use a disposable bag to eliminate clean up afterwards. But for frequent use, especially for those on the Gerson Therapy the extra cost can be prohibitive. A better alternative can be to...  Read more

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Can I use the coffee I already have?
This isn’t the time to swing by your local Starbucks for some ground espresso or pull the Folgers out. For the most effective result use a coffee especially selected and prepared for coffee enemas. These are organically grown and naturally processed to produce the highest... Read more

What Are Toxins

The body encounters toxins from the environment and from the normal activities inside the body. Both kinds build up in the body over time and can cause...  Read more

The Development of the Coffee Enema

The coffee enema method was discovered by a nurse working in a World War I German army field hospital. There were no painkillers available, so the nurse used the only warm liquid available, coffee, to give enemas to several badly injured soldiers. The results were amazing. Read more